Dreams are nice things. I have dreams of making the world a better place, making this site a place for all cabeens, and doing way fancy cool stuff on the Internet. Way fancy cool stuff would include making beautiful, fully accessible, informative, interactive, robust, useful web sites.


Realiy is funny in that it rarely matches dreams, but sometimes resembles them. I'm making small parts of the world a better place, to some degree. This site used to be a place for one or two Cabeens, but now that number is slightly larger. Also, I do slightly less heinously unattractive and useless stuff on the internet. Slightly.

This site is currently for my immediate family. That is to say my nuclear family and my sister.

As such, this page itself is rarely maintained. (The most recent up date before this was well over three years ago.) It is therefore important that I not really put any time sensitive information here, because I will likely not update it in time. For example, I could have pointed out my son's age and his understandable inability to type, but by the time I get back to this page, he could be typing up a storm.

So that's all you get here. Thanks.